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In the era of digitalization, the accessibility and diversity of services has become a default expectation among users. We help our customers improve the quality and operative efficiency of their services through digital self-service solutions. 

Key Benefits
Operational efficiency 
User experience 
Sustainable development 

The proliferation of digital service channels has significantly increased users’ expectations for service coverage. Availability is a key user requirement for any well-functioning service, regardless of when it is needed. 

We design and build, in co-operation with our customers, first-class software and hardware solutions for digital self-service. Our experience in supplying demanding solutions for several industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, payments and retail, helps our customers find the best-suited technologies and implementation models. We secure the continuous availability of services with our ALM service. 



Our digital self-service offering consists of two areas, self-service solutions and self-service HW (hardware) solutions. On the both areas we are able to provide full services from single point of contact to cover product whole life cycle.

Self-service solutions

  • Booking, rental and sharing solutions
  • Information and guidance solutions
  • Automotive self-service solutions
  • Digital customer service solutions

Self-service HW solutions

  • Digital kiosks
  • Self-service POS
  • Self-service terminals
  • Locker concepts

The solution can be a combination: for example mobile application, web solution and a locker concept. What kind of digital self-service solution would support your business? Let's find out together!


Defining the level of trust between the end user and service provider is of key importance in the design of digital self-service. It sets fundamental preconditions for the concept design and technology choices. To achieve an excellent user experience and operational efficiency, we want to make our design and technology expertise available to the customer right from the initial steps of the project.   


Our customer is our partner. We chart the needs set for the solution and design a seamless shopping experience jointly with our customer and backed by our service designer. Our system architects make sure that the technologies and hardware selected for the solution are the right ones to secure a long lifecycle. Our maintenance service will oversee the functionality of the solution and secure high availability for it, 24/7 if necessary. 

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